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Did you know that insurance policies may differ from company to company even if the limits of liability and deductibles are exactly the same?

When searching for insurance on the Internet in our area many will choose the keyword term: Auto insurance Cincinnati.  

When you obtain quotes from companies offering auto insurance in Cincinnati you should be aware that not all policies are the same. 

What is covered by one company can be excluded by another.  That’s why you need professional advice.  

How Can We Help with Auto Insurance in Cincinnati?

As a leading Cincinnati independent insurance agency we represent many different companies.   This allows us to shop the market for the most competitive rates for your individual needs. 

Perhaps coverage is more important than price savings when looking for auto insurance in Cincinnati.   The biggest mistake that consumers make is believing that all insurance companies offer the same coverage as every other insurance company.  

There can be significant differences in coverage even if the limits of liability and deductibles are identical.  For instance were you aware that several companies advertising predominately on television have a clause built into the fine print of their policy that rejects liability claims when you allow others to borrow your car?

It’s 100% true.

Differences in Coverage for Auto Insurance Cincinnati

Lets assume that your next-door neighbor wants to borrow your truck to pick up some mulch, they cause an accident and you turn the claim into your insurance company.  A few days later you receive a denial letter from your insurance carrier!

The company informs you that because of a certain clause called, the other insurance clause they are denying your liability claim!

This particular clause allows the insurance company to deny liability claims when a person not listed on your car insurance policy borrows your vehicle and causes an accident!

While it is true that most insurance companies do not have this clause in their policy, two of the largest companies advertising prominently on television in our area do have this clause!   What happens if you buy a policy from them and then your friend, not listed on your policy causes an accident and damages another vehicle?

When Looking For Quotes on Auto Insurance in Cincinnati Call the Experts

We can help you find the best options for your individual needs.   Call 513-662-7000 or for an online insurance quote click: auto insurance quotes Cincinnati.

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