Does Sassy Sally, And/or Helpless Hal Look After Your Insurance In Cincinnati? 0

Posted by: on Jan 08, 2013

Car Insurance Cincinnati, Bad Customer Service!

Sassy Sally is undoubtedly among the most terrible insurance agents in Cincinnati because she is impolite, she likes to debate with clients, and she isn’t tremendously insightful.

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Helpless Hal certainly is the precise opposite of Sassy Sally, nevertheless the poor guy basically always fails to get even little things straight for his clients. You inform the guy that you desire a $250.00 deductible on your car insurance in Cincinnati and he gives you a $500.00 deductible in its place. (You will generally come across this error whenever you end up with a claim that utilizes the significantly greater deductible.)

You may ask him to send out the latest ID cards but you do not ever get them. You might ask him to see the reason why you received a price raise in your car insurance in Cincinnati and he never returns your telephone calls. Helpless Hal is a excellent guy but a terrible insurance agent in Cincinnati.

Decent customer support is not easy to secure during this day and age. Most people have had encounters with a Sassy Sally or even a Helpless Hal in items or services that we obtain. Most corporations put considerably more emphasis on revenue that could be produced for the company and much less significance on recruiting the best and most capable individuals for the task.

If you’re thinking of purchasing new car insurance in Cincinnati, what are the signals that you may be covered by insurance using Helpless Hal or Sassy Sally?

When you purchased your Cincinnati insurance plan the fees are much more when compared with what they originally quoted.

A number of blunders are made on your estimates devoid of any apologies coming from the agent.

You never ever were given your insurance policies or ID cards.

Your statements are not at all the exact same and don’t generally come on schedule.

You switched bank accounts but the agent forgot to inform the insurance carrier thus causing you to bounce checks then they have the nerve to blame it on you!

The agent or their assistants are impolite to you or treat you just like a kid if you ask a few questions. (If that is happening in the beginning do you imagine that might greatly improve as time goes by or deteriorate?)

You presented your monthly payment at the agent’s business office and they for some reason never sent the money to the insurance company and so your insurance policy didn’t continue!

Your mortgage provider bought extra homeowners insurance coverage for you personally (and made you pay for it), due to the fact that your Cincinnati insurance agent did not remember to deliver a notice to your mortgage lender letting them know that you actually do have property owners insurance.

Your vehicle loan payment is increased due to the fact that your insurance agent neglected to send a notice to your banking institution.

You made application for comprehensive protection regarding your car insurance in Cincinnati, and once a vehicle accident occurs you discover that you really end up with liability coverage.

Your agent failed to remember to incorporate your brand-new auto to your existing policy and then you damaged it 45 days later.


Your agent gave you bad guidance and your insurance claim is denied.


You really are having a challenge settling a claim but your agent totally ignores you.


Your premium increases and your agent is not able to shop the industry for you personally.


You usually do not get a return phone calls from your insurance broker in Cincinnati.


You are offered more than one different answers for the exact same question from several different agents employed within your insurance agent’s office in Cincinnati.

Why we are Different?

Our regional insurance agency in Cincinnati believes in old-school client care. In truth our Moto is “Service the way it used to be.”™

We’ve got among the best client support teams within the region. What does that mean for you personally? Once you call us with inquiries or complications you will find our agents and customer service representatives in Cincinnati are beneficial, well mannered, and we go the one step further for our customers.

When looking for car insurance in Cincinnati, don’t make the error in judgment of putting more emphasis on the price tag for the insurance policy, due to the fact this proverb is perfectly true:

Many times you get what you pay for.

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