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Posted by: on Nov 08, 2012

Landlord Insurance CincinnatiIn the Market for Cincinnati Landlord Insurance?

Call 513-662-7000 or 800-998-0662 when you’re looking for different options for Landlord Insurance Cincinnati.

Coverage is available in all 50 states through our referral network for landlord insurance.

If you own a few single-family or multifamily units (Four apartments or less.) you can request an online quote by clicking Cincinnati landlord insurance or if you feel more comfortable speaking with a live person call us directly.

Fact: Landlord Insurance Cincinnati Is a Bit More Complicated Than You Might Imagine.

There are two different paths that you might take when insuring your rental units.  The first involves purchasing a commercial insurance policy for landlords.  The second method is popular with some property owners as it involves purchasing an individual Cincinnati landlord insurance policy.

No matter which direction you take to keep in mind that it might be a mistake to assume that insurance coverage is pretty much the same with every company.  The reality is that insurance can differ between company to company and policy form when shopping for landlord insurance Cincinnati.

Choosing the wrong policy could cause you great financial hardship at claim time, we’ll get into that in just a moment.

What is Better? Commercial Insurance or Individual Landlord Insurance in Cincinnati?

There are some advantages when you purchase commercial landlord insurance in Ohio versus an individual insurance policy.

The first advantage is that you can schedule all of your rental properties on one policy.  So let’s assume that you own 30 different rental properties.  You can schedule all 30 properties on one policy.  That’s a big advantage in helping you to keep organized.

In contrast if you have all 30 properties insured with different companies it’s more paperwork and it can actually be more expensive.

The second advantage is that you can obtain higher limits of liability coverage on an commercial landlord policy. 

For instance most companies selling individual landlord insurance in Cincinnati will offer a maximum of $300,000 to $500,000 liability coverage.

Choosing the Wrong Landlord Insurance in Cincinnati Will Cost You Financially!

One policyholder did not believe that they would ever have a claim, and so they chose the cheapest landlord insurance policy to minimize their expenses.      

Taking this step cost them thousands of dollars out of pocket when they had a claim that was not covered by the policy they purchased!

Call Pathway Insurance at 513-662-7000 for your Cincinnati Landlord Insurance Needs.

Coverage avalable in all 50 states.  Click on landlord insurance quotes for estimates in your area.

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